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Onsite PMI

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We Offer Roadside Assistance

Breaking down mid journey is always a worry, so let B.B.E. remove that burden.

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Preventative Maintenance Inspections

We Come to You.

Preventative Maintenance Inspections (PMI) are carried out at your place of business, thus allowing for more flexibility and less wasted time. PMI can also be done at BBE Transport Repairs workshop as well. The tool used for PMI's is the Scrutineer, it is renowned in the field of commercial vehicle braking.

Its state-of-the-art, specially developed design, provides a low cost and reliable method for diagnosing air leaks, poor brake adjustment, faults in lighting circuits, ABS and EBS faults, and problems with supply circuits. Scrutineer’s proven reliability helps lower maintenance costs and eliminates the need to attach the tractor to reduce noise and fumes in the workshop. Scrutineer is also easy to use due to its specially designed, colour coded control panel.


  • Allows valve operation to be checked at the correct settings and pressure.
  • Checks the operation of brake mechanisms allowing poor adjustment to be spotted
  • Brakes can be operated via remote control.
  • Trailer inspection becomes a one man job.
  • Lighting circuits are tested by socket pin number, allowing incorrect wiring to be spotted and corrected.
  • Tests the operation of the ABS system via 24N, 24S and the ISO-7638 connection.
  • Checks the EBS CAN line integrity.
  • Earth faults can be instantly identified.
  • Fully mobile – versions available for both van and workshop.

call us:
01666 824422
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