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The Advantages of A Jaltest

Jaltest is the multibrand diagnosis tool on the market, for trucks. It allows multibrand and multisystem diagnosis for trucks, trailer, vans, tractors as well as for military vehicles, among others.

The Jaltest diagnosis tool is the appropriate device to perform diagnosis on your Truck/Trailer Also van multiband and multisystem diagnostics with a wide coverage on the different electronic systems installed on Commercial Vehicles.


  • Diagnosis: Recording and description of the errors registered on each of the control units.
  • Actuation of Components: Possibility of interacting and sending orders on the different systems using Jaltest. Such as fan activation, cylinders cutout, compression test and operational checking of the different mechanisms, etc.
  • Values Measuring: Measuring and Displaying of up to 8 values at the same time. Information on the ranges of reference values.
  • Parameters: Configuration of the different parameters.
  • System Data: Information on the system configuration and ECU data.
  • Errors Clearance: Errors clearance on the control unit and turning off of failure lamps.

call us:
01666 824422
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